Frequently asked questions

What’s so good about an iSeller?

Our formula is; 1. Simplify the sale of a property for owners. 2. Simplify the purchase of a property for buyers. 3. Equip both buyers, sellers and agents with the information and means to transact at their own accord. 4. Give Agents and owners the ability to control their registered properties discretion. Finally – Make it aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

Why Use An iSeller?

If you are a property owner, looking to sell at a price, sell privately or just test the market you will benefit from Propor. It conveniently puts your property forward to all serious buyers; without displaying your address until you have approved the inquiry. Buyers will not know your address until you approve of them. The transparency and efficiency you receive from the platform is unapparelled, creating a win, win situation for buyers, sellers and agents.

What Is The Cost?

The platform is comletely free to use.

Is Propor an 'off market platform'?

No. By definition ‘off market’ is a term that’s emerged over the past 30 years as online marketing has emerged as a mainstay when selling a property. Where “on the market” means placing a property online, “off market” means the property is not being displayed on the major real estate platforms. The claims of an ‘off market’ platform therefore becomes ludicrous. ‘Off market’ properties are very much for sale, there is no need to use this term for our platform.

Do I need To Upload Professional Photos?

It is up to you, we recommend it. It is best to consult with an agent regarding marketing expertise.

How do i know if the buyer inquiry is the right fit for my home?

All buyers must make a personal profile upon signing up to Propor. This profile will require the following information: - Budget
- Finance approved
- Time looking
- School catchments
- Beds, baths, cars
- Miscellaneous (certain streets they like, aspect, land size etc.) Once a buyer has enquired you will be notified and sent their profile with their buyer criteria.

Can There Be Two Of The Same Listing?

No. Only one listing of a certain property can be made. Once an agent registers the property listing, Propor will then confirm with the owner that firstly it is their property and secondly, they have approved of the agent to manage the listing.

Do I Need To Register My Property With An Agent?

Yes. All properties will be registered with an agent or you can have an agent register it for you.

Does Propor Need To Approve Of My Listing?

Yes, we will approve of all listings within 24 hours. This is to make sure your photos look well presented and to confirm there has been an agreement with the listing agents and owners.

I'm An Agent And I'm Worried About My Listings Being Pouched And Found On Propor?

What Propor (iSeller) does is takes the chances of finding a property on the platform from a 1 in 10 to a 1 in 150 – going behind the scenes (based on listings criteria) and chasing this property would be far from productive. As an agent or owner even more weary of someone going around the platform, you can turn a 1 in 10 chance into a 1 in 500 – 1,000 chance (or more). As the listing agent – you set the boundaries for the search engine to find your listing, that is your property can come up in a much wider search range if you make it so. E.g. land size can be a range (800 – 1,000sqm), suburbs can be multiple, Condition of the property can remain unknown, internal photos can be minimal or none at all, you may choose to only place a floorplan etc. These wider and less informative search preferences make finding a specific property through Propor without enquiring a complete waste of time.

I'm An Agent & I'm Worried About Fake Buyer Profiles

All buyer profiles have a 5 point verification process. 1. Phone number (verified with phone call) 2. Email 3. Facebook 4. Drives License 5. Passport Or Medicare Up to number 3 is mandatory. Agents more cautious of fake accounts should only allow buyers full property details if they have passed 4 - 5 points of verification. Buyers agents automatically have 5 points verified once they register with their ABN and speak directly to Propor. Even still weary, upload exclusive listings.

Can I Put Properties That Are Listed 'On The Market' On Propor?

No. Publicly listed properties are not to be placed on Propor. We will backround check all registered properties making sure they are not currently displayed on the major portals e.g., iSeller marketplace is for owners wanting discretion and transparency without going to market.

Can Someone From Propor Help Me?

Yes! Email and we will get in touch to help with any of your request.

What's The Benefit To Me As A Buyer?

Buyers gain a tangible marketplace of pre-market properties and owners looking to sell privately. Certainty of knowing that you're seeing all properties available. Reduction of time it takes to find your ideal property. (Not enrolled in multiple agents email lists, call lists, texts etc. One place for everything.)

What Areas Is Propor Servicing?

Currently Brisbane CBD and Some QLD Surrounding suburbs is the service area. Propors concept is unique and new and will be branching out in time.

I Am Not Finance Approved Can I Use Propor?

Yes you can still use Propor, however agents and owners are less likely to approve of your enquiry as you may take 4 - 8 weeks to get loan approval. Owners are more likely to talk to buyers that are in a position to buy now.

How Does Propor Work?

When searching for a property you will have a suburb to choose and 5 variable choices Price, SQM, Beds, Baths, Cars. After searching you will be presented with 4 sub-categories on the map and list view. Green (Perfect), exactly what your criteria is you have put it. Blue (Great), missingone thing in your criteria (either higher or lower). Good (Purple), missing 2 things in criteria (either higher or lower). Orange (Ok), properties missing 3 things in your criteria (either higher or lower). Buyers will then inquire on the properties of interest. They will be accpeted or declined based on their buyer profile.

What Is An iSeller Marketplace?

iSeller - Is the marketplace before or without, going to market. Properties are listed as opportunities, only giving away full details to buyers that meet the owners & agents criteria.